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This is the achievement list for the user Ollie Terrance.


Drink 20 glasses of coke at the pub. Progress: 20 / 20

App smash

Encounter a problem and need to close a program. Progress: 1000 / 1000


Change your Facebook language to Pirate.

Bite the bullet

Install Linux as the primary operating system.

Blast from the past

Acquire an emulator and play some retro gaming gold.

Buy all the hardware!

Build a computer from scratch.

Chef surprise

Learn to cook some decent meals.


Burn 5 useless or corrupt discs. Progress: 5 / 5

Get better internet

Get better internet. Like, now.

Junior years

Complete primary school.

Linux king

Try 50 Linux distributions. Progress: 13 / 50

Making bacon

Find an actor with a bacon number greater than 3.

Mass redundancy

Utilize multiple cloud storage services to backup the same content.

Mature years

Complete sixth form college.

Net pain

Exceed your network quota and be slowed to dial-up.

Night owl

Stay up for two hours after deciding that you need to get some sleep.

Oh snap!

Break and later fix your own Windows profile.

Out of paper

No it's not.


Record too much TV on a DVR and need to factory reset it.

Paper jam

Let the printer nom on your paper. Progress: 100 / 100

Posh and smarts

Be referred to as "a gentleman and a scholar".

Senior years

Complete university.

Serve, serve, serve!

Be served by three different waiters or waitresses at a restaurant in one visit.

Side boot

Successfully run Linux from a flash drive.

Side seat driver

Get in a vehicle on the passenger side, then attempt to drive it. Valid either in a video game or in real life.

Starting blocks

Make an achievment tracker.

Take a deep sip

Drink some alcohol. Never drink any again.

Teen years

Complete secondary school.


Rip 1024GB of DVDs. Progress: 724 / 1024

Time traveller

Pre-order a game and receive it in the post before the official release.


Delete more than 50 Facebook friend in one go.

Whizz kid

Be asked for computer help by friends or family because "you're good with computers". Progress: 512 / 1000

Woahwoahwoah... woah

Agree with Chris on something... for once.

Yup, it's a teapot

Receive HTTP status code 418 from a server.
Completed achievements: 29 / 34 (85%)